Warehousing Services & Allied Facilities at Most Reasonable Rates
'Modern Builders' is a privately managed company by its partners along with experienced, well behaved and co-operative managerial staff. The company has 42 years of track record in the business of warehousing services of covered storage space and allied facilities. We store palletised or bagged cargoes like food grains such as wheat, rice, millet, maize, sorghum and oil seeds like Ground Nuts, Castor Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Pulses, Cereals and other agro-produce like Guar Gum, Cotton Bales, Tobacco, De-Oiled Cakes etc. The company also stores Tea, Pharmaceuticals, Bank records, FMCG goods, Industrial Raw materials, Finished Goods, Machineries, Ferrous & Non-ferrous Metal products, Cement, Plastic Granules / products, Newsprint reels (Paper Rolls), Books, Stationeries, Automobile spares / Bikes etc. The Electronic Goods & Consumer Appliances are also managed by the company for its safe storage into the racks. Minimum storage area on lease offered is 500 square feet to maximum area of 1 Lac square feet or more and for a short duration of 15 days to 3 years period. The warehousing tariffs are most reasonable. Container handling work & storage is also done.
Apart from storage of the cargos, these ready warehouse sheds are also suitable for use of the non-polluting industries like packing / re-packing units, assembling units, garment manufacturers, automobile work-shop, custom-bonded warehousing, and similar businesses.

The company has 27 covered warehouses at the city of Ahmedabad and Jamnagar port, in Gujarat State, India; of the capacity of 5 lac square feet area and more. Each godown ranges from the area of 3000 to 17000 to 24000 to 30000 square feet. The warehouses are constructed by RCC columns / beams and plastered brick walls and are well ventilated, with adequate shutters for loading and unloading of the material. The roofing is made of steel trusses and asbestos cement sheets. Some warehouses have RCC slab at the height of 20 feet and 11 feet. The warehouses can however be entirely packed properly for pest control or fumigation purposes of food grain pests. They are also compatible to be converted to a cold storage facility for storing perishable goods. The structures and designs are as per the B.I.S norms of IS 607 : 1971 (Bureau of Indian Standards) of godown constructions'.

The city of Ahmedabad is centrally located in India, and has very good connectivity by air, road & rail with all other towns & cities. It is situated quite near the western Indian ports easing its access for exports and imports. Gujarat being a labour friendly state, Ahmedabad has immense potential to be a storage hub for the entire western India.